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Amethyst provides LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited engineers to develop concepts for sustainable laboratories that include materials of construction, cleaning methods, design layout, utilities, waste generation model, and cleanroom logistics.  Models to project the increased cost savings, productivity, and environmental impact can be developed.  Additional services include waste mitigation and the development of safe methods to dispose of medical waste.  

Amethyst develops documented plans with measurable benefits for the development, renovation, and maintenance of environmentally-sustainable laboratories that are applicable to labs in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, hospital, and clean room settings.  Maintaining a sustainable laboratory results in higher worker productivity, conserves energy and water, supports the local economy, mitigates toxin exposure, and reduces air pollution.

Sustainable services include:

  • use of building information modeling (BIM) to model facilities
  • development of building operating plans for commissioning, maintenance, and automation
  • performance of ASHRAE level I and II energy audits for financial and environmental improvements
  • evaluation and certification of LEED-existing buildings operations and maintenance
  • commissioning of HVAC systems and clean rooms
  • concept development for renewable energy systems
  • development of training programs and sustainable guides
  • conduct of water consumption surveys
  • assessment of building automation systems (BAS)
  • development of waste management programs, including material flow, consumption, inventory, disposal, and recycling
  • evaluation of reduction to occupation exposure to hazards, including noise levels and cleaning agents
  • proposal of energy savings programs

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