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Custom Software for Water Systems and Environmental Monitoring

AmeTeq™ Trend software is a custom database, trending, and analysis software for water system data (e.g. potable water, reverse osmosis deionized water, clean steam, water for injection) and environmental monitoring data (including viable particles, non-viable particles, and contact plate results).  This software consists of standard components and customer specific options.  Standard components include graphical trending capability, action and alert computations, statistical analyses with common stats computed, frequency plots, and seasonal trending.  Administrator approval of data to prevent unauthorized alterations is provided.

 Custom Software for Equipment

AmeTeq™ Cal software is Web-based software used to track calibration, validation, and preventive maintenance programs.  The software includes incorporation of the calibration form of choice and custom reports to include schedules, submittals, and monthly reports.  Alerts for due and past due items are also provided.  Equipment parameters are pre-filled on calibration forms and reports in accordance to each company’s personal preference to enhance efficiency and reduce recording errors.  Optional upgrades include radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcode incorporation to automate calibration routines and electronic forms.

Standard features for AmeTeq Trend and Cal include the following:

  • Databases with custom reports
  • Clear and multi-functional user interface with color coding to alert user of critical requirements
  • Data integrity maintained by password protection, scheduled database backups, and audit trails for data entry and edits in accordance to 21 CFR Part 11
  • Data import functions to import data from Microsoft Excel
  • Multi-level users with administrator assigned privileges
  • Electronic signatures and password protection

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